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Hello and Happy 2017 to our fans! Hope you had a great year so far.
It's been a while we post something over here. The great news is we are still rocking hard behind the scene and also active on the other blog. Make sure you guys check them out!

Wer'e going to kick start our year with this event, we got invited by Fat Boys Record. We like to say thank you for acknowledging us!

Rock The Underworld (RTUW) is a spin off from Fat Boys’ successful annual concert RockThe World whereby it features current international new age rock acts. Just like its local “cousin” Rock The World, RTUW promises awesome line up & activities throughout the day. Tickets are priced at RM120 pre-sale & RM150 at the door. 

Fans of Unearth (USA), I See Stars (USA), Crystal Lake (JPN) & The Word Alive (USA), will get to see them live in Malaysia as they will make a pit stop here in Kuala Lumpur for the inaugural Rock The Underworld series. The concert, scheduled for 1st May 2017, will be held at the Chinwoo Stadium.

PRE SALE: Rm100 Only. Contact them now!( Mizan) and (Biggie)
Held at Chin Woo Stadium.

The Bands:

Photo By Gorka Photography
After an awe-inspiring 15 years of blazing trails and dominating stages, Unearth is now institutionalized as a relentless force in heavy music, standing the test of time with consistently triumphant creative output, tireless road warrior resilience, Blue Collar style workmanship and a resolute determination to deliver the goods. After releasing their sixth studio album, Watchers of Rule, this band is not to be missed!

Like Slayer, Cannibal Corpse, Testament and Anthrax before them, Unearth emerged as part of a burgeoning revolution in heavy music but continued to maintain their relevance and mastery of their craft. They’ve resisted and prevailed against changing trends, subcultural fashions and the way music is obtained and distributed with their credibility, integrity and unique persona intact. 

The men of Unearth – longtime members Trevor Phipps (vocals), Buz McGrath and Ken Susi (guitars), John “Slo” Maggard (bass)– are proven “lifers.” In just a couple of short years, drummer Nick Pierce has proven his commitment as well. They have put the furtherance of uncompromising heavy music at the forefront of their career goals. Unearth perseveres, conquers and continues to achieve. 

Crystal Lake started out in the summer of 2002, heavily influenced by mid-90’s hardcore, they prepared to make their impact on the Tokyo hardcore scene. Crystal Lake 1st full length album “Dimension” was released on 5th July 2006 & since then, they have done the “Dimension Tour”, which was received well by kids from all over Japan who love to go wild to Crystal Lake savage technical breed of hardcore. Just last year on 30th November 2016, Crystal Lake had released their latest album, True North and this is one band to look forward to!

Photo by Nicole Lemberg Edited by Sarah Mankoff Photography

I See Stars exploded into the mainstream in 2011 after making their national television debut on the ABC late-night talk show “Jimmy Kimmel Live!”. However, in 2012 the group had their most successful year yet with the release of digital_renegade, their third full-length album. On October 22nd 2013, I SEE STARS released their highly anticipated, fourth full-length album, New Demons & in 2016 the band released their latest chart topping album, Treehouse. Taking their style of electronic hardcore music (EHM) to new levels, the band reaches deeper into the genre they helped build further surpassing all limitations.

Photo by Vince Dwyer Photography 

Formed in 2008, the Word Alive are a metalcore band based out of Phoenix, Arizona. The Word Alive released their full-length debut, Deceiver, in 2010. A second album, the darker and heavier Life Cycles, followed in 2012. The Word Alive continued to mature their sound, returning in 2014 with Real, an album that found the band developing a more nuanced and atmospheric take on the genre. 2015 saw the band continuing a grueling tour schedule that included international appearances in Hong Kong, Bangkok, and the Phillipines. Just a few months later, the Word Alive announced the release of their fourth LP. Dark Matter arrived in March 2016.

Tickets are available online at TicketPro, as well as over the counter at Rock Corner outlets. 

See you guys there!

By Hilmi H
Hey guys, I started posting videos on my YouTube channel so please do check it out! There's a few good stuff in my libraries are yet to post and I'm still waiting for a right time to do it. I hope i can share with you guys few things here in my country. Don't forget to subscribe to my channel too! Follow the link here :

The official announcement for the band. 

The Line up for RTW15.

Here are the videos :

Incarnation / Seismic Chaos Live At Rock The World 2015 (Noisy Stage)

Incarnation / Solitary State Live At Rock The World 2015 (Noisy Stage)

Incarnation / The Provacateur Live At Rock The World 2015 (Noisy Stage)

Enjoy, click the like and tell me what you thinks guys :) 

By Hilmi H
Minotauro Records is a small, privately owned record label specializing in heavy metal.  Founded in the early 1980s, the label has released some of the most ground-breaking and genre-defining albums by Italian artists Paul Chain, Strana Officina, Death SS, Vanexa, and many others.  We also specialize in current and re-releases by bands from all over the world, including Tactics, Devil Childe, The Fury, Phantom Lord, Jack Starr's Burning Starr, Bootlegs, Defyance, Super Massive Black Holes and the mighty Ogre!

From now until December 24 get 20% OFF SITE-WIDE with coupon code "Minotauro Christmas"! Be sure to order soon get your Christmas gifts in time for the 25th!

Use the " Minotauro Christmas" to get 20% Off!


Check out the previous write up with one of Minotauro Records artists, Antonello Giliberto :

By Hilmi H

2H Space presents a full set performance of Antacid, old school heavy thrash metal band from Kajang, Malaysia. Hilmi H is a music blogger for Metal Blaster Webzine and also I. Rock Magazine. He sometimes shoots video and working behind the scenes for Madratts Record label here in Malaysia. Rex Killer a.k.a Rex Strike known for guitarist of the Malaysian Heavy Metal Band, Nuclear Strikes and now do side project such as composer for Madratts Record label producing various genre ranges of artist. Antacid currently back from slowing down past these couples of months, so stay tuned from us!

Antacid are:

Vocals - Fizan VAULT

Lead Guitar - Rex Killer
2nd Guitar - 1,2 Kill
Bass - Thunderbolt
Drums - Iron speed


Other Links :

Rex Strike:


Feel free to subscribes for more exclusive video and do check out my blog :

I.Rock Magazine



Check out their performance here! New video at my channel on 10 December so stay tuned!

By Hilmi H
L - R : David Moro, Phil Suarez, Mateo El Nabo, Christophe Laureau and Albert Serrano

The band as it exists today was formed in July 2011 in Geneva by members having previously taken part in various bands of the local metal scene. The project is part of the meeting of David Moro (guitars - formerly of Forge) and Philippe Suarez (guitars- former member of Amok) in 2009.

A number of musicians have contributed to the karma of the band. The actual line up is completed by Albert Serrano – bass, Christophe Laureau - drums and Mateo Mangola - vocals.

It is not easy to apply COLOSSUS FALL’s rich and expanded sound to any existing style, being both brutal and sophisticated at the same time, but rather it is clearly an infl uence of a number of quite different genres. However, COLOSSUS FALL might be a kind of mix between Mastodon, Keelhaul, Coalesce, Converge and Isis. The constant evolution of the group is felt through each piece composed in different ways. The themes of the songs are also very varied. The emotions of the moment direct our inspirations.

The band has recorded a five-track EP named “SEMPERVIRENS” released in 2012. We also have released a 7’’ split vinyl record with GACYS THREADS from Ireland and toured in their country in 2013. Finally, in 2014 we have been writing new songs for the brand new album "HIDDEN INTO DETAILS“ that has just been released Sept 2nd, 2015.

Album Cover

A few days after the physical and digital release of its debut album, Swiss stoner/sludgecore/metal outfit Colosuss Fall just launched a full stream of 'Hidden into details', available right now on Bandcamp, but also for CD on the band's webstore and through Altsphere distribution.  

Stream the whole album on Bandcamp | Get your physical copy of 'Hidden into details'

For the records : the band as it exists today was formed in July 2011 in Geneva by members having previously taken part in various bands of the local metal scene. The project is part of the meeting of David Moro (guitars – formerly of Forge) and Philippe Suarez (guitars- former member of Amok) in 2009. A number of musicians have contributed to the karma of the band. The actual line up is completed by Albert Serrano (bass), Christophe Laureau at the drums (after the departure of Bastien C. Anthony) and Mateo at vocals.

It is not easy to apply Colossus Fall’s rich and expanded sound to any existing style, being both brutal and sophisticated at the same time, but rather it is clearly an influence of a number of quite different genres.

However, Colossus Fall might be listened a kind of mix between Keelhaul, Coalesce, Converge, Isis and Mastodon.

Line Up :

David - Guitars / Backing Vocals

Philippe - Guitars 

Albert - Bass 

Mathieu - Vocals 

Christophe Laureau - Drums

Official links:

Domino Media Agency (Com, PR & Marketing Agency):

Kabuki - 歌舞伎

By Hilmi H

                                      The One and Only ''The Grindmother''!

In a strange colliding of underground and mainstream universes, the viral grindcore sensation dubbed by the media as The Grindmother appeared on Tuesday's episode of The Maury Show.  You can watch the segment below.

The Grindmother first caught the public eye in January, when Rain Forest (frontman for the Canadian grindcore band Corrupt Leaders) posted a video of his 66 year-old Mother recording guest vocals for what would later become their Grindmother EP.  The clip, which was filmed spontaneousy, went viral and received a barrage of media coverage and television airplay.

According to her newly launched Facebook page, The Grindmother has "some new things coming your way soon". 

 Checkout the original video here :

For more information, visit:

By Hilmi H

Brazilian female-fronted metallers SHADOWSIDE have announced the addition of Swedish bassist Magnus Rosén (ex-HAMMERFALL) to the group's ranks.

Shadowside 2015 (Magnus Rosén photo by Gabriel Henningson)

SHADOWSIDE, was formed by singer Dani NoldenRaphael Mattos on guitars and Fabio Buitvidas on drums and now with Magnus Rosén (ex-HAMMERFALL) on bass. Magnus was part of Hammerfall from 1997 to 2007, did several world tours and recorded several albums, being awarded golden records and a Grammy nomination with Hammerfall. He also recorded albums with Jorn LandeTony Martin (ex-Black Sabbath) and has just released his 10th solo album titled "The World Changes" with musicians who played with Hammerfall, Black SabbathABBAYngwie Malmsteen and others.

Magnus Rosén sent a message to the fans: "I've been away from the metal stage for more than 8 years! Metal has a very nice energy that I miss and love, and I think SHADOWSIDE has just that kind of nice metal that fits my style! And at the same time I always liked Brazil/South America. After 9 times with mixed Hammerfall tours and solo bass tours in this part of world, I know for sure of my feelings and I am looking forward to join the band SHADOWSIDE. So when I was asked to join and play with SHADOWSIDE, so was the desire great to once again set a high volume, smoke, light, and good metal music. The band have nice feelings in the metal music that I like. I got few new song ideas from the band and I think these songs and music are powerful and will be loved by the people out there. So I can't wait to get the wheels moving forward with the band."

SHADOWSIDE's singer Dani Nolden also commented on why they invited Magnus and what this means for the band: "Magnus is someone we admire greatly and it is an honor to work with him, not only because of his great skills as a bass player but also because he has an incredible experience with many different and special projects. We felt he would be a perfect match for us and we're thrilled that he accepted our invitation to join SHADOWSIDE. Now we can't wait to start the recordings and get this show on the road. It's going to be amazing!"

Magnus Rosén is already participating in the songwriting process of the new album with SHADOWSIDE, which is set to be recorded between June and August 2016 in Gothenburg, Sweden. Once again, Fredrik Nordström (AT THE GATESIN FLAMESARCH ENEMYSOILWORKDARK TRANQUILLITY) will be in charge of the album production. He has already worked with the band on the high acclaimed "Inner Monster Out" album, that got the band awards in Brazil and worldwide, such as the Independent Music Awards as "Best Hardcore/Metal album", hitting position #26 in the Japanese charts according to BURRN! magazine and position #9 on CMJ's Loud Rock USA radio charts. The "Inner Monster Out" tour had over 60 shows and went through 18 countries.




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